Class Links

Mr. Friesen’s YouTube channel which includes a variety of lectures and other instructional videos.

Poll Everywhere class link (used in-class only)

Socrative class link (used in-class only, room “thefriesen”)

The Art and Craft of Writing an Academic Essay: This tutorial, created by professors at the University of Regina, is by far the most thorough and informative resource I have ever seen on the creation of an academic essay. I may specifically point you towards specific sections of this tutorial if you are struggling in a particular area. Having said that, this is a tremendous resource and I highly suggest that you read it before writing an essay for my class.

MLA Style Guide at Purdue University: I have been recommending this resource for years: this style guide is the most concise and accurate MLA style guide available online. All essays written for my class must be written in this format. Follow the guidelines to the letter.

Short Stories: 10 Tips for Creative Writers: Creative writing is one of the backbones of my English classes. This page has excellent tips on how to write wonderful short stories. Read it! An online etymology dictionary. Want to know where words come from? This is a great (and free!) place to start. If you’re really interested, you may want to consider purchasing a physical etymology dictionary–see me for details.

Shakespearean “Original Pronunciation” (YouTube): A short YouTube clip on “Original Pronunciation”, a re-creation of the pronunciation and accent used in Elizabethan England. These scholars are trying to help you to listen to Shakespeare as he would have written it!