Falling apart, decomposing. If a piece of paper were left outside in the rain for several hours, it would decay into a pulpy mess.


Dizzy: the feeling that a person gets when they’re swung around quickly. Imagine being turned around ten times: how would you feel? (Dizzy!)


An action: falling over, leaning over, looking flopped over while still standing.

The branches on this willow tree are drooping towards the ground.

Flags we bored

As in, drilled — not “I’m so tired in class that I’m going to fall asleep”.


In this context, a metal frame that allows water to pass through while preventing people from falling in.

Hung on like death

Hung on like death: an English idiom that means, in this poem, ‘the boy hung onto his father very tightly’.


A thick type of sugar. It’s so thick that it looks like motor oil.


A steep canyon or gully with steep sides.


The past tense verb form of “to romp”, which means “to play”.

Kids romping on a lawn.